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A cam girl is a woman who works online and gets paid to talk to men. She makes a decent living from this and enjoys the perks of the job like getting gifts sent to her by admirers. She is also a little obsessed with the fact that she can make people happy just by talking to them.

The job is quite challenging as there is no set script and the conversation is largely unpredictable. A good cam girl creates a topic memo for herself ahead of time to guide her show and prevent her from getting bored or running out of things to say. A good cam girl also knows how to handle trolls who come on her stream to do nothing but troll. She knows how to silence them or ban them so that they do not spoil the experience for other customers.

During a live show, cam girls have multiple clients simultaneously watching them on their screen. The majority of them are lurkers who just watch the show but a small fraction will buy tokens and ask for an interaction with the cam girl. One or two big spenders (also known as whales) fund the show for the rest of the viewers.

Some camgirls are able to find a “whale” and make the most money. They do this by exploiting addictive behaviour similar to how casinos and video game companies profit from microtransactions. The camgirl lures the customer with a story about herself and then convinces them to send her money or their credit card details.

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