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We’ve all heard the cliche “say hi if you’d fuck me” – but what does it mean? Is it just a way to pique a man’s interest and get a session started? Or does it really work? In this article, we speak to two cam girls Kate and Aella to find out.

Both women are different – Aella is more confident and flirtatious while Kate was a natural born performer before she even found cam modeling. Despite these differences, both models are successful at what they do – and they both use an element of comedy with their nude routines to pique a man’s attention.

Despite the fact that this type of interaction is intimate, it’s important to remember that this isn’t a relationship; it’s a form of entertainment. Many people don’t realize that these girls do this as a full time job and that their earnings depend on the men they engage with.

It’s not surprising that a girl would want to pique a man’s interests; they often have to do so in order to get tokens. It’s the same principle as a casino or game where the majority of profit is made through a small percentage of users who spend large amounts of money.

Aella and Kate both use humor to their advantage when they’re in chat, but they also like to discuss general topics such as the weekend or favorite music/comics. These are a good way to initiate conversations without being too personal and can help you slowly build up a rapport with a model.

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