Some people like there porn professional but since the mobile phone has got so big and even before that there has always been an appetite for homemade porn. Then comes Scarlett Knightley thru the door. Scarlett made porn when she was 18 with her boyfriend. The porn world blew up over and loved the video. Now she is an amateur porn star that people just can’t seem to get enough of. Every day thousands of people search for pictures of her nude or doing porn when you follow her Stripcamsnaps profile you get all that and more.

Scarlett Knightly

She was born on January 27th, 1998. She is from New York in the U.S. She has brown hair and pretty green eyes, in fact her eyes are one of the first things that will catch you.  She is 5 feet, 7inches all and weighs 165lbs and her measurements are 40-38-45. So she ain’t no small girl, she is thick in all the right places.

When you follow her social media accounts on here you get the real her she said. This is her not only getting naked and doing porn it’s also her with a dog, doing funny stuff, and more. Like she said about it, it’s an invite to her personal life. You are not going to find anyone being “more real” on here then her and that is really cool.

She is new to the Snap thing so she will try to keep up and give you the attention she says. What I do know is that you won’t go away without a smile on your face.

Scarlett’s Social Media Feed


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