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Take off my bra and thong and fuck me hard is a typical command given to cam girls by viewers. It’s not something they relish, but it’s part of the job. Cam girls strip, masturbate and play games on camera for money. They also decorate their sets, light and shoot themselves. They’re also expected to draw pictures, sing and act as customers tip in order to win prizes or unlock more flesh.

In her new memoir, Camgirl, Isa Mazzei reveals the nitty-gritty of her year and a half making money as a cam girl. For many readers, it’ll be a taboo subject to explore, but the memoir – which is out today – isn’t about exploiting anyone. It’s about humanizing sex workers.

Mazzei has a unique perspective on the industry, which is why her book is so important. She writes about her experience in a way that allows readers to empathize with the sex worker without feeling uncomfortable or grossed out.

While she’s done everything from stripping to masturbating for money, Mazzei hasn’t always been successful in finding her niche. She worked as a library clerk, a web designer, an English teacher, a vintage clothing buyer and a busboy, among other jobs, but never kept any of them for more than a few months.

As she began working as a cam girl, however, she realized her natural skill set was in connecting with men on an intimate level. She would ask her regulars about their day and make them feel like they know her personally. As a result, the men would give her more and more money.

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