They may be small but they still suckable 😉 submitted by /u/Keybird
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They may be small but they still suckable

A cam girl talks about her experience working in the online sexual industry.
There are many benefits to being a cam model; it allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours, it can make a decent income, and there are lots of men who want to satisfy their desires in private. However, there are also downsides – the hours can be unsociable, it can feel like a second-rate job, and there are personal niggles with self-image to deal with.

Despite the positives, camming is not for everyone, and for some people it can cause problems and lead to abuse. In this article, a cam girl talks about her experiences with the internet sex industry and how it has left her feeling exploited.

She says that she found sex work “really hard to deal with,” especially as an outsider. She feels that she’s been pushed to her limit in the name of money, and that it makes her “look down on men for wanting what they do.”

The article also points out that some models have “trolls” who can be difficult to deal with; this can include men who pounce on the model with sex-related questions or who are asking for double penetration (mostly known as DP) during a show. The best way to handle these is to ignore them as this will only feed the troll and can result in a ban or being shut down.

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