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When you sit down with a friend for coffee and chat, the conversation isn’t necessarily about something specific, nor is it meant to be. But when a cam girl talks to you, they know it’s for pay and have certain expectations that they want the chat to meet. They also want to get tips and are often a bit nervous, especially if they’re not used to being a public figure. As such, it’s important for them to set their boundaries early on and not invade the privacy of their clients. This is why a lot of professional cam girls advise against asking personal questions unless the client says they are okay with it.

Despite the fact that many cam girls have a large following and a solid income, they still face a stigma. In the age of body positivity and sex positivity, it’s hard to understand why women in their underwear on the internet would be stigmatised for what they do.

Isa Mazzei, a writer and performer, recently released her memoir Camgirl about being a female masturbating webcam model. She talked to Dazed about how she got into camming, what it’s like working from home and how her work can become a form of therapy for her clients. Mazzei is a UC Berkeley graduate with a degree in comparative literature and a background as editor-in-chief of the undergraduate journal on Eastern European, Eurasian and Slavic Studies. She has worked as a library clerk, an English teacher, a vintage clothing buyer and dabbled in front-end web development. She is currently a freelance writer and performer in Los Angeles.

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