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Whether you are tapping into a fetish or just trying to keep your clients happy, camera angles are one of the most important aspects of your performance. The first thing you have to do is decide who your audience is. For example, if you are a Mistress or Dominatrix, you want to attract slaves, pets and submissives. You would put your camera at an angle above them, imagining that they are on their backs or crawling on their knees, looking up at you, their Master.

Another thing that camgirls need to do is have something they can talk about to their clients. This way, they will stay interested and will be willing to pay for a more intimate session with them. If a girl always talks about her cats or the weather, she might lose her clients because they are not going to pay for a conversation that they will find boring.

Camgirls also need to be able to make a connection with their viewers by making eye contact and smiling often. It will make them look sexy and attractive to the viewers, which is what they are paying for. Besides, if the girl is smiling at them while talking to them, the viewer will know that she really likes her job and that she wants to keep doing it for a long time. This will create a great vibe for both parties and the session is likely to go well.

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