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Turns Out Perfection Do Exists

When you think of perfection, it’s likely you think of an apex, the top a pinnacle a pristine and unblemished vantage point. But is that really what it means to be perfect? If so, does it even exist?

Most people would agree that the pursuit of perfection is a fool’s errand. After all, how much fun is it to chase something that’s never going to happen? But there are some who still believe that perfection is attainable. They just need to change their approach to achieve it. Cam girl Aella explains how she came to realise this after a man named Tate started grooming her online in order to recruit her for his webcam sex business. He instructed his followers to use apps like Tinder to meet women, make them fall in love with them and then recruit them for his pimping business. In a capitalist society, female beauty has always had an inherent monetary value and this was made more evident with the advent of social media. This made it even more important for women to keep their appearance as impeccable as possible in order to maximise tips.

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