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What does it mean when a guy says you are too innocent to sleep with? It could be his way of saying he feels you are not worldly or knowledgeable enough. He may also believe you are naive and trusting and would be taken advantage of. It is important to communicate with him about your feelings and needs so he can understand your perspective.

It’s a lot to take in when you first read Camgirl, Isa Mazzei’s frank memoir about the year-and-a-half she spent stripping, masturbating, and playing games on camera for a living. But then the book’s sly sense of humor kicks in, and you realize that the taboo subject is no more inherently absurd than anything else she writes about.

He stares at her as she replies to private messages in her chat window. It’s stomach-churning to see what men ask of her, but he reminds himself that she works at her job during the day and spends her evenings with her viewers in the chat room. She has to be able to handle these horny requests or she won’t make it.

It’s hard not to feel protective of her as she talks about the abusive and sometimes even violent sex she receives on camera, a world where she feels exploited by a small percentage of devoted men. If you’re willing to dive into a story about porn and the exploitation of women, Camgirl is an important and fascinating read that will leave you with a tighter grasp on what it means to be an innocent.

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