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We’ve all had nights where we walk into a bar and the entire room is full of people who are either too old, too young, or just plain uninterested. On the other hand, some nights, you find that one person who just gets it — who knows what you’re talking about and understands your deepest, darkest sexual fetishes. And that’s where sex chat rooms come in handy. They allow you to meet people who aren’t limited to the people in your neighborhood, and they offer a whole new world of potential for sparks.

With lyrics like “She was a fast machine / She kept her motor clean,” it’s clear that AC/DC wasn’t afraid to get a little racy with this song. But even if you didn’t catch that, the song’s playful melody and Keith Richards’ loose fretwork were sure to have your hands tingling all night long.

Toni Braxton’s mellow, suggestive vocals make this sexy track sound more like a plea for emotional healing than an endorsement of self-stimulation, but it’s no surprise that the song became a Glee favorite. You might not want to scream this song at your crush, but it’s still great for listening to on a quiet day.

Diplo is continuing his country music persona Thomas Wesley’s musical journey with the guitar-infused “Use Me All Night (Brutal Hearts),” featuring Dove Cameron and Sturgill Simpson reborn as Johnny Blue Skies. It’s accompanied by an equally sexy video that’s set in Western strip clubs and rodeo bars, with Sean Penn stepping into the role of Blue Skies. Watch it here.

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