what angle do i look best at? submitted by /u/adepthearth
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There’s no one answer to this question, as there are many different angles that suit every face and personality. The best way to determine what angle you look your best at is to experiment with different positions and see which ones work for you. Start by holding your camera at face level and snap three pictures (one head-on, one above, and one below) to get a good idea of the basic positioning of your facial features.

Then, try tilting your head to the right and left. This will help you determine whether you look better with your chin up or down, with the corners of your mouth open and closed, and with your lips smizing or not. Lastly, try putting some weight on one leg and some on the other to see which position suits you best.

Another way to improve your performance on cam is by developing topic memos beforehand, which will help you stay focused throughout your session and avoid getting distracted or running out of things to talk about. This will also make your client more satisfied and encourage him to tip you more, which is a win for everyone involved.

Remember, the majority of cam sites’ profit comes from exploiting addictive behavior. Men are paying for the pleasure of seeing beautiful girls naked and being able to interact with them personally, which triggers dopamine in their brains and makes them feel powerful.

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