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Getting conversations started is the most important part of a camgirl’s job. They must be able to interact and play with the minds of their clients to keep them coming back for more. While many cam girls have a certain amount of skill at this, there is also a lot that can be learned through training sessions and from the advice of their peers.

Having the ability to be spontaneous is an essential part of being a cam girl. Most of the time, they’ll be running on live demands from the viewers of their shows. This means that they’ll need to be able to speak freely and move the conversation into more intimate or sexual territory if it’s appropriate. This is also a way to show that they aren’t just following a script.

Flirty or dirty talk is another topic that many camgirls use to entice their clients. While this is generally considered a taboo subject, it’s also something that many men want to hear about. This allows them to switch off their normal lives and enter a world of fantasy and escapism.

While there are some subjects that camgirls should never discuss, they must be able to adapt their conversation style to each client. For example, speaking with a man who is interested in sex toys is very different from talking to someone who wants a more tame experience. This is one of the keys to being a successful camgirl and it’s why they often get more tips from their biggest patronizers.

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