What's the first thing you'd say if you woke up to me riding your dick so hard? submitted by /u/Thy_self
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A man riding your dick so hard, you can feel every thrust in your thighs, your arms flailing as you’re held in place. His big hand on the back of your neck, pushing you into the mattress with each thrust.

Camgirl Talking About

A girl’s body is a canvas of kinks and fetishes, and knowing how to draw on this lust is a skill for life. It’s also an art form in itself, and many girls are incredibly talented at putting together intimate, nude sets that make the viewer feel all the feels.

It’s no surprise then, that many of these women have a deep, emotional connection to their craft. But, as any other type of client-facing job, camming isn’t without its downsides. Unsociable hours, inconsistent incomes, and personal niggles can all take their toll on cam girls’ self-images.

Mazzei’s memoir, Camgirl, lays out her wild ride through the camming industry with breezy honesty and whip-smart humor. As someone who’d largely pushed childhood sexual trauma under the rug in her 20s, she uses her work on camera to explore BDSM and discover who she truly is. It’s a bracing read that tackles taboo topics with the same gusto as a pool dive on a scorching day. It may take a moment to acclimate, but it’s worth the plunge. You’ll come out the other side with a tighter grasp on your own identity. And with a lot more dopamine in your system.

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