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When you talk with a friend on the subway or a colleague at work, the flow of conversation is almost random and there is no tension or expectation. Camgirls are different because their clients pay them and they often want that conversation to lead somewhere. This creates tension and excitement. The top cam girls know how to play with the minds of their clients so that they want to spend more time in her company.

One of the most common topics is about sex. The top models are very confident in discussing the subject and this draws men’s attention. Some models also prefer to ask a member to name their favorite sex toys or even suggest the type of sex they are looking for in a chat.

Another subject that many camgirls like to talk about is nudity. This enchants the men and they want to spend more time in her company to watch her naked. Some of the top camgirls are very confident in discussing this subject and they have a lot of fetishes to choose from.

The most important thing that camgirls must understand is that conversations are a tool to get more tips from their clients. They should use this tool wisely and improvise to keep the clients entertained. It is also essential to keep in mind that the client should feel comfortable during the conversation. If he feels uncomfortable, the chat will not be as fun and he may not tip.

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