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A cam girl can make a lot of money by exploiting addictive behaviour. Guys pay tokens to chat with a girl and get dopamine hits from seeing her naked or hearing her speak to them personally. They often become regulars and build up a relationship with a particular cam girl, beginning to feel as if they know her on a personal level.

The exploitation of addiction is not just an issue within camming. It is an issue in the world beyond as well. Mazzei is working to change this by making art that allows consumers to empathise with sex workers. She has written a psychological thriller film called Cam, which centres on a cam girl whose identity is stolen by an impostor.

In her memoir, Camgirl, Mazzei explains that she worked as many jobs as possible in her youth, hoping one would present itself as “her thing”. She was a library clerk, an English teacher, a vintage clothing buyer, a web designer and even a busboy before finding her calling.

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