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One of the most important things camgirls must realize is that conversations with clients are a tool they use to generate tips. They must be able to engage and stimulate the client to keep them interested and wanting more.

The most effective way to do this is by asking questions that are naughty and suggestive. Sexual questions are the best for this because they make men feel horny and excited by her answers. This makes them crave her even more.

It is also important for the camgirl to change it up and ask some personal questions too. These can be about her favorite hobbies or what she likes in men. This lets the client know she is a little more than just a chat girl and shows them that she can be a friend as well as a kinky playmate.

Many cam girls will even go so far as to discuss their personal life with clients. This is a huge turn on for most men who are looking for more than just a casual chat with a cam girl.

Often times, however, camgirls will discuss their personal life with clients in order to lure them into a scam. This is because they are selling a highly addictive product and their profits are made by exploiting addicts just like casino owners do with microtransactions in video games. Often, these scammers will tell the cam girl they are sick or have an illness in order to get her sympathy and convince her to share personal information with them or send them money.

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