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If you’re a cam girl, then you know that conversations with clients are key to your success. How you handle a client who is interested in masturbation, beautiful agony, jerking off instruction and other adult activities makes all the difference. A happy client means more tips for you.

Conversations with clients can be hard to start, and troubling to carry on and sustain. Professional cam girls create topic memos for themselves beforehand to keep them on track and prevent them from getting distracted or running out of topics.

One of the most common topics in a cam girl show is double penetration commonly referred to as DP. DP involves inserting toys, dildos or vibrators into the vagina and anus at the same time. This act elicits excitement and sexual pleasure in the client.

Talking about this subject with the clients is not as taboo as it sounds, especially if the cam girl is experienced and open to talking about anything. This shows the client that she’s not afraid to approach a taboo topic and this builds up their interest in her. The cam girl should also remember to be polite and respectful at all times when talking about the subject so as not to offend her client.

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