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In our capitalistic society, female beauty has come to be assigned a monetary value. Mazzei’s experience in the cam world, stripping and masturbating on camera for money is nothing new to her; she’s tried just about every job under the sun — she worked as a library clerk, a web designer, an English teacher, a vintage clothing buyer, a busboy, a nanny and even a copywriter.

She also knows that when a man buys tokens from her, he feels the dopamine hit of seeing her naked and receives an even greater dopamine hit when she responds to him personally. “He is buying your happiness,” she says, and for many women, that’s the biggest compliment you can get.

Ultimately, Camgirl shows that Mazzei is not only an interesting woman but someone who has a tighter grasp on her identity after two wild years. As Camgirl continues to work the cam world, she is open about her experiences and honest about the fact that, like most sex workers, she has no real friends outside of the cam scene.

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