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The idea that a camgirl would strip, masturbate or play games for cash might seem like a far-out job to some, but Isa Mazzei’s new memoir, Camgirl, shows that her experience is anything but. “During and after college, I tried every job I could think of, hoping one would present itself as [her] thing,” she writes. She worked as a library clerk, an English teacher, a vintage clothing buyer, a bartender, an art studio assistant, a nanny, and a copywriter — but she never kept any of those gigs for more than a few months at most because they weren’t the right fit.

Then she began camming. Her story of chasing ratings and finding her niche in the online world is a bit of a sexy read, but it’s also a candid look at her tumultuous childhood. And the fact that she has turned her experiences into a novel and a film is a testament to the power of storytelling to give consumers empathy for sex workers’ lives.

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