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Would you fuck me from behind?

Sex from the back is one of the most arousing positions to perform for both partners. It is great for grinding, dry humping, and pounding the G-spot. It is also extremely dominant from the man’s perspective which is a turn-on for many women. There are several variations of sex from the back including classic doggy, prone bone, and reverse cowgirl. Some of these are easy to do and others require more experience and flexibility on both parts of the couple.

Doggy style is the most common behind sex position. It is simple to do and allows the acquiring partner to reach their partner’s anus and vaginal ridge easily. The angle is perfect for penetration and can be augmented by grabbing the thighs of the receiving partner to add more force. It is also the perfect position for him to lick her ass or envelop her with his arms while doing what he wants.

The drawback of doggy is that the height difference between partners can be an issue. However, there are ways to work around this like having her kneel on something or even standing to allow him to get the right position. There are also slings and harnesses that are designed to hold the body in place that can make doggy easier for both partners to master. Using these tools can make the position more comfortable for both and prevent injuries. For those who have more experience with sex from the rear, this position can be made hotter by communicating and synchronizing core energy with the boo to enhance the sensation.

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