Would you pull my hair as you take my virginity? submitted by /u/hhjimborama
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In a world where everything has a monetary value, women’s bodies are the newest product. Camgirls earn money by convincing men to pay for a live view of their tits and nipples. It’s a highly addictive process. Just like casinos, camsites make the majority of their profit from a small minority of addicts who spend a lot of tokens to gain more dopamine hits.

Isa Mazzei has masturbated, drawn pictures and fucked girls on camera, but her new book Camgirl, detailing her experiences as a sex worker, pushes the boundaries of what she’s willing to reveal on screen even further. The memoir charts her journey into the world of camming, a profession where she realised that she could use her body to seduce tips from viewers and convince them that the more they paid, the closer they’d get to her.

As she flopped on her bed, groaning out of sexual frustration, she saw the notification that another viewer had joined her room. She clicked on it to find a familiar username; murderdaddy101. He was a pervert who loved her.

He cooed as he got inside her. He could see her tits were peeking out of the lace of her bra and she swore they would fall out if he didn’t move fast enough. She pushed her face up against his pelvis and waved Tim over. He took her hand and pulled her down, arching her back to present her ass more.

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