would you skip work if I send you this POV: I cum home from school early and I'm home alone... submitted by /u/Moist-Boysenberry-46
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Mia is unapologetic and proud of herself for what she does and her curvy body. She’s unafraid to talk about sex, the kink she likes and her job as a cam girl. Garret is a Salacious Club owner who specializes in voyeurism and he finds Mia’s chats interesting. He also finds that he likes her voice and wants to continue chatting with her.

Camgirls like to keep their conversations flowing and sometimes they do this by using sexual questions or subjects as a way to get the attention of their clients. This is said to build up excitement and tension in the room which can help generate more tips for the camgirl.

However, when Mia starts describing her own kinks and what she enjoys about watching sex online it seems a bit sexist and cruel. It’s a shame that she isn’t more mature and understanding of the fact that some men are voyeurs. I don’t know if it’s a sign of her character flaws or just a way for her to get more money from her patrons but it’s a shame.

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