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In this capitalistic society where everything carries a monetary value, female beauty has never been more monetised than it is on webcam sites. Whether it’s a girl who sells a dirty Primark thong for PS30 or a tween sex worker who convinces her ‘customers’ to share their credit card information, cam girls are constantly preying on the vulnerable to make money by convincing men that they have a deep and profound relationship with them that transcends their monetary interests.

These women are usually not as pretty or as young as their ‘customers’ and many sex workers use photos stolen from models and other social media profiles to trick people into giving them money. Then, when a man realises that his ‘cam girl’ is not the real deal they revert to extortion tactics and threaten to publish nude photos of him online or in front of his friends.

Mazzei has a lot to say about the sex industry and isn’t afraid to be crass and open about her experience, which is a rarity among camgirls. She is both smart and wickedly funny in Camgirl and has created a fascinating Lynchian dissection of how much of oneself can be offered up to the internet machine.

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